Here and there


Cultivating garlic on the straddle row

Was able to finally get out to visit my friend Chandler in Walla Walla. Been trying to get out there for a couple seasons and finally just did it; things aren’t going to get any less busy around here for awhile! Great to see their new farm and how they’re doing things. One of my goals is to use horse power for our farm soon. I’ve been learning for the past 4 years but since none of my teachers have been row croppers, I haven’t really seen how to apply horses to the row in real life. Hayshaker Farm is gettin after it, farming 6+ acres of row crops with a team of Belgians. Great to see everything and ask 101 questions, probably more actually.


Loooong rows!




Another straddle row cultivator


Planet Jr seeder

Meanwhile back at home the Morels are showing up in the woods. Almost had to fight a deer off last night, well… something like that.


Found in the back forty

The field is shaping up nicely, will be putting in Alliums this week. These 100′ beds look tiny compared to the 500+ footers I was looking at this last weekend.


Got the electric deer fence up last weekend too, so far so good.


Things in the hoop house are looking great. Always nice when ‘it works’ in a new place; the miracle of plants! Lots of quackgrass to pull, but other than that I can’t complain. Oh, well, maybe radishes are too ahead of schedule. But other than that…


Alliums hardening off for this weekend’s planting.

IMG_3540 IMG_3541

Things are moving forward, a little bit at a time.

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2 Responses to Here and there

    • saurfarming says:

      Thanks…and looking dry right now! Had some nice rain friday, but not much since. Hopefully this week we’ll get more, feels awful to be irrigating much this time of year. I suppose its mostly just rewetting the surface for new transplants and seeds, but still. Been trying to figure out the irrigation lately. Nothing terrible, but still a learning curve. Ready to take a break from learning curves for a while, but doubt that will happen!

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